UK-based Avalon Aero provide specialist maintenance solutions to both short haul and regional aircraft fleets, and privately-owned aircraft. Over 20 years operating in this field have established us as a leading maintenance provider, offering a flexible and wide-ranging portfolio of expertise together with an industry-leading focus on satisfying our customers’ requirements.


Avalon Aero’s mission is both simple and profound:

to provide an unparalleled excellence in aviation maintenance solutions.

To achieve this, we are committed to:

  • Forming a unique relationship with each of our customers, offering bespoke solutions aligned with their specific requirements.
  • Shouldering as much of the complexity of aircraft engineering as possible, thereby keeping the customer’s involvement as simple and painless as possible.
  • Partnering with our customers to maximise safety, cost effectiveness and efficiency, whilst minimising the aircraft downtime and delivering on-time, on-budget maintenance activities.
  • Investing in our people and developing lasting relationships with our stakeholders.


Quality Assurance is of the utmost importance in the aviation industry, so let Avalon Aero assure you that your assets will be in safe hands.