Avalon Moves to Different Pair of Safe Hands

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September 27, 2019
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July 27, 2020

Since the company’s creation in 2000, John and Coral Glancey have been the owners, and John the Managing Director, of Avalon Aero. John and Coral have now decided to step back from leading the company and, on 31 January 2020, they handed over both ownership and the Managing Director role to Martin Darling. Martin was previously Avalon’s Technical Director, a role he had filled since the early days of the company. He has amassed an unrivalled knowledge and expertise within Avalon and is the ideal choice of successor to John; he is poised to continue and expand on Avalon’s story of success.

John has enjoyed working on aircraft during his career but his favourite has always been the BAe146/RJ, the last true British airliner. He started Avalon Aero to provide line and base maintenance for a customer 146 out of Biggin Hill, an operation he continues to support today as he eases into the role of Avalon’s Biggin Hill Project Manager. Coral has been sharing Avalon’s helm throughout all the years. Although specialising in spares, logistics and training, she is widely regarded as the company’s ‘moral compass’ and it is largely thanks to her that Avalon remains true to its roots as a family company with high ethical principles. Coral will ease into a well-deserved retirement later this year.

On announcing the change, John commented:

“We have worked with Martin for more than 20 years and he has been a trusted friend and colleague throughout Avalon’s progressive development and for this reason we have no hesitation in passing the baton over to him.

The last 19 years with Avalon have been a terrific ride and we still find it hard to believe what has been achieved from such small beginnings. We are particularly pleased that we have managed to get together such a first-class group of professionals. A big heartfelt ‘Thank You’ from myself and Coral to all the Avalon staff and customers, past and present. We could not have made this journey without you.”

Responding, Martin said:

“I feel honoured that John and Coral have decided to pass Avalon’s helm to me. They are a tough act to follow but they leave particularly dedicated and capable colleagues who will support me and I am confident that Avalon will continue to provide a strong service to its valued customers over many years to come.”